Medical Minute Rubric



    Each medical minute you are responsible for completing this semester must come from newspapers, magazines, journals, and the internet. Students must choose articles that are less than 6 months old. You must bring in a copy of the article attached to your paper in order to have you Medical Minute graded. Medical Minutes must be typed and no longer than two pages in full length. The following guidelines should help you along with your paper.


    Title of Article, Author, and Source: at the top of your paper you should have the exact title of your article, the author who wrote the article you read, and lastly you will need to put what type of source you gathered it from. For example, newspaper, internet (, journal, etc. Please tell me what the name of the source was instead of just the type of source you used.


    Summary of Article: Give a two or three paragraph summary of the author’s main ideas, concepts, opinions, etc. This may include what type of research was involved as well as how they completed the research. Any information that is needed to summarize is fine. Remember a paragraph is approximately 4-5 sentences. 4 short sentences will not count!


    Reactions and Learning Points:  State in one or two paragraphs how you felt after you read the article or what your thoughts were. If this is an article where they were giving their opinion regarding something in the health field then state whether you agree or disagree with their reasons and then support your own position on the subject. If it is simply a factual article then state what you thought about the article. For Learning Points give as many brief statements as possible what you learned from reading this article. Remember a paragraph is approximately 4-5 sentences.


    Use/Application: Indicate in one or two paragraphs how you intend to apply the knowledge/concepts of this article. If you do not intend on using the information in this article please state how someone could use it. Remember a paragraph is approximately 4-5 sentences.


    Medical Terminology: Find two or three medical terms in your article that you have never heard of before and simply find their definitions. If you happen to read an article that has no medical terms you haven’t heard of then simply define two or three terms that were included in your article.






    cRITERION for medical minutes



    Title of Article(1), Author(1), Source(1)



    Typed in correct Format



    Article Included



    Summary of Article



    Reactions and Learning Points






    Medical Terminology



    Oral Report to Class (1-2 minutes)







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