PreAP Precalculus


    PreCal TEKS


    Samuel Clemens High School

    Pre AP PreCalculus Course Syllabus


    Principal         Ms. Melissa Sosa                                                 



    Instructor       Mr. Kennedy, Room B213              Email:

                            Phone:  (210) 945-6501                      Conference period:  8th

                            Webpage: /webpages/rkennedy/




    Grading          9 weeks:          Formative        – 50%              Report cards every 9 weeks.                                                                                        Summative – 50%                               Progress reports every 3 weeks.


    Semester:         Average of the two nine weeks grades (80%) + Semester Exam (20%)


    Class Rules     - Maintain a learning environment, disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

                            - Keep the class room neat and clean at all times. (No food, drinks or chewing gum allowed)


    Expectations  - Respect yourself & others, respect school property and private property.  

                            - Abide by the rules and policies of SCUCISD, Clemens HS & the classroom.

                            - Be prepared for class materially & mentally.

                            - Be responsible for your actions and your learning.   

                            - When absent, it is your responsibility to pick up missed work & get caught up.

                            - Make an honest effort, do your best and don’t quit.

                            - Seek help when you are struggling.



                            - Work must be neat and legible.     

                            - No passes during the first and last 10 minute of class or during instruction.

    - No sleeping in class.

    - Note taking is required.

    - Privileges and consideration are based on your behavior and effort.


    Procedures     - Class begins promptly at the bell.  All preparations for class need to be done before the bell.   

                            - The class is dismissed by the instructor, not the bell.  Class will be dismissed when all    

       calculators are returned and accounted for and all trash is picked up and disposed of. 


    Materials        -For this class you will need pencils and a binder.