About AP World History

  • Advanced Placement World History is the College Board college-level survey course that introduces students to world civilizations and cultures. The course guide for this course is the College Board’s AP World History course description. A student’s performance on the AP World History exam determines a student’s eligibility to earn up to six hours of college credit. Course curriculum, materials, and expectations are designed to prepare students for the rigorous three hour AP World History exam. AP World History is a survey course that is intended to promote a greater understanding of the evolution of global developments and interactions. The course focuses on the nature of change in international frameworks, as well as their causes and consequences.


    Students are expected to master not only specific factual information, but also important analytical skills. Considerable emphasis is placed on reading, constructing arguments, analyzing data, and interpreting opinions. Supplemental materials will be assigned on a regular basis. AP students are expected to participate in the national examination at the end of the school year.



    The following is a description of this course as per the SCUCISD Course Description handbook. 


    AP WORLD HISTORY  AP World history is a college-level survey class with the purpose of developing greater understanding of the historical development of global processes and contacts between different types of human societies. The course highlights the nature of change in an international context and the causes and consequences of change. Registration for this course implies commitment to take the national AP World History examination and to pay a portion of the exam fee. Prerequisite: Sophomore Credit: 1 unit