Our Mission

  •  The Leader in Me


    Green Valley is a Lighthouse campus, meaning that our leadership shines so that others are able to find their leadership. We are proud to say that our school belongs to our students- our leaders. When you visit our campus you will find a unique environment where students take responsibility for their actions, their goals, their growth, ultimately, their future. Students have jobs and actually run our school. Tour guides will walk you around, and the Student Lighthouse Team will lead the students as well as merge the faculty with the students. Part of the Leader in Me is to develop mission statements.

    The students will work in groups to compile sentences that they believe to be the mission of our class for the year 2019-2020. As a class, we will compare all of the group work and create our statement.                 

    Our mission     

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     In composing a class mission, it is only fair that, I too have a goal for this school year, as a teacher. This is in addition to my philosophy of education.

    "Inspire and Love, Practice E2"


    My mission as the teacher of this class is to develop respectful, responsible students, ready to learn in intellectual, social, emotional, and character traits showing growth in these areas through-out not only 3rd grade, but for life. E2 stands for excellence everywhere, in everything I do.