• Corbett Junior High and Clemens High School Grading Guidelines (click here)


    Many types of grades are given – playing grades, seating grades, written grades, pencil tests, concert grades, etc.  Some are given without warning (e.g., pencil check grade).  Late work is penalized 10 points  per day with a maximum of 30 points and will not be accepted after 5 days. 

    Distribution of 9 week grading cycle:

    • 50% Summative – to include playing tests, concert performances, concert rehearsals and warm-ups, concert etiquette and attendance, and written tests. Majority of these tests will be scheduled in advance, allowing students ample preparation time.  Concerts will be scheduled in advance and are mandatory.
    • 50% Formative – to include classroom participation and weekly written assignments.  Students will begin with a 100 at the beginning of every week.  These weekly grades will be based on readiness and participation.  Students will lose points per day for forgotten supplies and will lose 20 points per day for forgotten instruments. 

    Tests and Exams

    Playing tests and exams, generally assigned every other week, consist of an assigned excerpt from the orchestral repertoire learned during class.  Occasionally, it may be necessary to give a written test.  If a concert occurs during one of these two-week periods, it usually takes place of the test or exam.  These tests and exams are designed to measure the independent musical thought processes and abilities of the student.  Class time is not used to specifically review for these tests; students should feel free to ask specific questions regarding the exam. 

    ***Students will occasionally have opportunities to earn extra points (e.g., play a solo for the class during an arranged time).  Extra point possibilities: Students may perform one class performance per nine weeks to earn up to 2 points depending on their performance, as long as they talk with the director about these performances before the final week of the nine weeks.. Students have to tell the director the piece they are wanting to perform and have to coordinate a performance time with the director in advance. The other chance to earn an extra point is to attend one outside instrumental performance, college or above, during a nine week grading period for 1 point. Some examples of appropriate instrumental performances include: San Antonio Symphony, Mid Texas Symphony, a ballet, or musical. Also, some colleges offer free concerts through their music departments. Students have to bring a program and/or ticket stub, and should write a short summary about the performance.