German Club and Constitution

    German Club meets once a month every second Tuesday from 4:00p.m.  till 4:45 p.m   German Club members will be allowed to participate in all field trips as long as they have attended a minimum of 85% of all meetings.  This club introduces students to the German culture. This club is led by students and they develop a program. Some years we have used this time to offer students time to practice  and/or work on Sprachfest projects. Sprachfest will be held in January every year at UTSA. If students place in the top 5, they will advance to state in San Marcus about 2 weeks later. We also have 1-2 fundraiser per year. Our Fall fundraiser are German Advent calendars which are filled with chocolate. Spring fundraiser will be announced at a later time.

    The German Club By-Laws

    Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City

    Independent School District

    Samuel Clemens High School

    Article Eins (1): Name

    Section I: The organization shall be called “German Club Komm mit” (Come along).

    Article Zwei (2): Objectives and Activities

    Section I: The purposes and goals are to have fun while promoting the German

    culture; to educate the school and community on German customs and the

    German language.

    Article Drei (3): Membership

    Section I: Membership shall be open to all high school students who have taken/ or

    will take a class based on the German language (Offered at the school).

    Section II: Those students eligible for membership are subject to review and approval

    by the sponsors and by the officers.

    All members are expected to attend at least 50% of our weekly meetings.

    We will hold meetings before and after school.

    The Secretary will keep attendance records to keep track of each

    member’s attendance. Members with highest attendance rate and who

    have supported the club with their participation in fundraisers etc. will be

    chosen first for special activities such as field trips with limited amount of

    spaces or participation in our German community parties. Members are

    expected to have passing grades in all their classes at all times.

    Members are expected to display exemplary behavior in and out of class

    and are subject to removal for major discipline infractions. The principal

    and club sponsor will have the right to make this decision.

    Members who would like to have their German club membership listed on

    their transcript will have to attend German club meetings at least 50% of

    the meetings and have to participate in approximately 75% of all German

    club activities such as the Christmas party, fundraisers and Spring


    Section III: Members who qualify and attend the State German Contest, will earn a

    letter jacket (at their own expense) to be ordered through the school. If

    they already have a letter jacket then they will be awarded a letter.

    Section IV: If a student violates any of the above stated expectations or disregards

    school or campus wide rules, the student may be subject to dismissal from

    the club. If a student’s behavior warrants it, the sponsor and/or the

    principal have the right to remove a student.

    Article Vier (4): Officers

    Section I: The following are officers, which serve for one year until new officers are

    elected the following year in May. If an officer has to leave office early

    due to leaving the district or being removed from office due to a major

    discipline infraction or other reasons, the German Club members will vote

    a new officer who will only finish the term until the next election takes

    place. All officers will be elected by the German Club members.

    (1) President: Shall open and close each meeting, coordinate meeting

    procedures, and research all activities in which the club will participate


    (2) Vice-President: Shall coordinate all club events, work to help plan

    meetings, and take the presidents responsibilities in any case of


    (3) Secretary: Shall keep a log of the minutes and things discussed in each


    (4) Treasurer: Shall collect all money and record any transactions into the

    club’s budget book.

    Section II: Officers will be selected in May. They are required to have good conduct,

    be responsible, and have a basis in the German language as well as


    Section III: If any officer has repeatedly missed meetings, bad conduct, or does not

    wish to uphold his/her position for other reasons, then he/she will be

    forced to resign by the other officers or sponsor. Being an officer is not a

    right but a privilege.

    Article Funf (5): German Funds

    Section I: Dues are collected at the start of each year in order for one to join and

    become a member (5 dollar fee).

    Section II: All fundraisers will be put directly into the budget book; participation is

    optional for all members.

    Section III: Money collected for the club will go towards the activities to help promote

    the German culture.

    Article Sechs (6): Meetings, Activities

    Section I: Meetings dates will vary depending on what is decided by the sponsor,

    president, and vice-president.

    Section II: Meetings will be announced at the previous meeting one week in advance.

    Section III: All activities will be announced in the meetings; in any case of absence

    one must see the sponsor the same week the meeting was held.

    Article Sieben (7): Goals

    Section I: The goal of Komm mit is to enrich the surrounding area in German culture

    by doing extra-curricular activities not only in school, but outside of


    I agree to accept this club.

    Sponsor: ________________ Date: ______

    Principal: ________________ Date: ______