Classroom Rule and Expectations

  • Classroom Rules and Expectations for all classes.

    Classroom Rules:

    • Be Prompt- Arrive to class on-time everyday and be in your seat working on the warm-up activity when the bell rings.
    • Be Prepared- Come prepared for class everyday with all of the necessary materials (i.e. school supplies, textbook (if needed), completed assignments and ready to work).
    • Be Productive- Remain on task in class at all times, follow directions, and stay seated unless you have been given permission to do otherwise.
    • Be Patient- Quietly raise your hand if you have a question or comment and wait calmly for the teacher to respond. Do not whine or complain if the teacher does not respond right away.
    • Be Polite- Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teachers with your words and actions. Do not vandalize, destroy, or steal other people’s personal belongings. Respect your classroom environment. 

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Respect yourself, others and classroom materials.
    • Arrive to class on time and be prepared to work (this includes your homework)
    • We will work bell to bell.
    • Teacher dismisses the class not the bell.
    • Stay current with reading assignments.
    • Actively participate in class discussions.
    • Students are expected to follow all district, campus, and classroom rules and procedures (this includes cell phone usage)