Green Valley Late Work Policy



If an assignment is turned in late, there will be 11 points deducted from the grade and a notation will be documented.  When the assignment is turned in, a notation will be marked by your child’s teacher to note that it has been received.  Your child will have exactly 5 school days from the due date to turn in the late assignment.  If it is not turned in by the morning of the extended due date, the grade will be notated as a zero in the grade book.  If it is turned in after the extended due date, the maximum grade that can be recorded is a 70 (if all work is correct).  All work needs to be turned in by the Friday prior to the end of the 9 week grading period.  Late work received after the 5th day is not eligible for corrections.

There will be a time provided weekly for students to work on late work.  This is a time for students to make up any of their work or get help on areas that they are struggling with.  We strongly encourage the students to turn in their work on time.