My Homework

  • 1st Nine Weeks

    Week 0: Syllabus, All About Me, 3 topics

    Week 1: Major Clarity 1-5

    Week 2: Major Clarity 6-10

    Week 3: Forensic pre-test, observations vs. inferences, Lab Safety Powerpoint, Lab Safety Test

    Week 4: History of Forensics Documentary, Documentary Facts, History Powerpoint-- Notes

    Week 5: Career Brochure, Careers "Who am I?' 

    Week 6: Test Review, History and Career Test

    Week 7: New Detectives Evidence Questions, Legal Aspects Powerpoint,

    Week 8:  OJ Case

    Week 9:  Legal Aspects Test and Review: Crime Scene Processing


    2nd Nine Weeks

    Week 1:  Crime Scence Processing, Clean-up Ten Facts


    3rd Nine Weeks:

    Week 1: 


    4th Nine Weeks:  

    During Covid-19 break:

    1st Week: