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  • Forensic Science Syllabus

    Coach Aaron Ball B-214


    Conference Period: 6th


    Forensic science is any science used for the purposes of the law, and therefore provides impartial scientific evidence for use in the courts of law, and in a criminal investigation and trial. Forensic science is a multidisciplinary subject, drawing principally from chemistry and biology, but also from physics, geology, psychology, social science, etc.



    1. Respect All People.         

    2. Follow all directions the first time.            

    3. Pay attention and talk only with permission.  

    4. Be in your seat when the bell rings with materials and assignments.                                                                                                                        

    6. Severe disruptions / unsafe lab horseplay will be an automatic office referrals                                                                                                                               

    MATERIALS: Each student should provide the following supplies:

    1) A 3 ring binder.

    2) Paper

    3) Colored pencils or markers.

    4) Pencils and Pens (blue or black ink only)


    Grading Policy In accordance with district guidelines, each 9-week grade will be determined as follows:

    50% Assessment: Tests, major lab reports and projects

    50% Daily assignments, homework Labs, quizzes, etc.


    Homework : is given to finish class work and may include problems, outside reading, pre or post-lab questions or reviewing for quizzes and tests will be assigned as necessary. We will review, grade, and collect the homework at the beginning of class. Homework may be done in pencil, blue ink or black ink.


    Late Work and Make-up Work:  All late work will follow the district guidelines for late and make-up work. I would like to stress that when a student is absent, it is THEIR responsibility to obtain the missing work and to make appointments with their teacher to make-up their Exams and other work within one day for each day of absence.



    Retests: Any student who obtains a grade below 70% on a major test may be given the opportunity to raise their grade to a maximum of 70% according to the district grading guidelines. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a time with Ms. Saunders to take a similar test over the material. Students may retest before or after school at a time agreed upon by the student and teacher.


    Topics Coverage: The following is a listing of the units we will cover this year. It may increase as opportunities arise.

    Unit 1: Safety and Intro to Forensics                                                        Unit 9:  Fingerprints

    Unit 2: History                                                                                           Unit 10:  Serology

    Unit 3: Legal Systems                                                                               Unit 11: Toxicology

    Unit 4: Crime Scene Investigation                                                            Unit 12:  Controlled Substances

    Unit 5: Forensic Glass Analysis                                                                Unit 13:  Questioned Documents

    Unit 6: Forensic Hair & Fiber Analysis                                                    Unit 14:  Firearms & Toolmarks

    Unit 7: Paint                                                                                              Unit 15:  Forensic Anthropology

    Unit 8: Footwear & Tire Impressions                                                       Unit 16:  Photography


    Note to parents: Due to the nature of this course, students will be exposed to mature levels of the details of crimes to include discussion and pictures or videos of crimes including body parts, murder, bloody scenes, firearms and ballistics, drugs, adult behaviors and psychological studies that are associated with crimes in the modern world. Police work and forensic science can have gruesome details that bother some individuals that are not mature enough to deal with it. If you do NOT wish to have your student exposed to these issues and materials; PLEASE contact me to discuss the issues.





    Coach Aaron Ball


    Please make sure that you have read the following documents before signing this form:

    1. Biology Policies and Guidelines, located on the back of this page
    2. SCUCISD Laboratory Safety Contract:  Students will be given a copy, and an additional copy is in the SCUCISD Student – Parent Handbook.


    Signing this form indicates that you have read, understand and agree to abide by all of the rules and procedures for science class as stated in the mentioned forms.


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    Printed Student Name                                                            Student Signature                                       &   Date


    __________________________________________                                ________________________________________________________

    Printed Parent/Guardian Name                                      Parent/Guardian Signature                      &   Date


    Dear Parent/Guardian: 

    I am requesting the following information for ease of communication regarding your child’s progress.  In addition, you will receive regular emails, informing you about upcoming tests, projects, etc.  Please print clearlyThank you.


    Mother/Guardian Phone: __________________________      e-mail address: _____________________________________


    Father/Guardian Phone: __________________________       e-mail address: ______________________________________


    I can enter two email addresses per student in our teacherweb system.  If you did not use one of the lines above and would also like communications via a secondary address, please write it



    Please provide any information that you feel I should be aware of regarding your child (ex: allergies or other medical issues, vision or hearing problems, learning disabilities, learning styles, etc.).