Clemens Health Clinic


    Thank you for visiting the health clinic web page. Our mission is to support the education and developmental process of all students by promoting their optimal health and well-being in a safe and supportive environment. We are dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of health and wellness in the school community, assisting all students in achieving their maximum learning potential. Clinic hours are 8:15-4:15.

    Face to face instruction has begun. As mentioned in the video that was sent out, things are different this year because of COVID. Please screen your student before they come to school and keep them home if they are ill. Also, if your child is prone to headaches, cramps etc and may need medication while at school please contact either Nurse Aguirre or myself. Medication may be kept in the nurses' office with the appropriate medication form on file. Finally, if you have not filled out your student's health form please do so as soon as possible. Links to health forms can be found under that heading on this page. Medication forms and additional information can be found on the district’s website under Health Services.

    Important Things to Remember:

    • Per district policy students may NOT keep medications in their possession unless it’s an emergency medicine for asthma, diabetes or anaphylaxis in which case an action plan must be on file in the nurses’ office.
    • All medications must be brought from home in the original container accompanied by the appropriate form. Short term medication such as antibiotics will need a medication form signed by the parent only. Long term medication that needs to be given daily at school must be accompanied by a form sign by both a physician and parent.
    • All immunizations must be current for students to attend school.

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