Pacing Calendar

  • Week 1 Pitch and Pitch Class

    Week 2 Beat, Meter, and Rhythm: Simple Meters

    Weeks 3–4 Pitch Collections, Scales, and Major Keys

    Week 5 Minor Keys and Diatonic Modes, Pentatonic Scales

    Beat, Meter, and Rhythm: Compound Meters

    Week 6 Pitch Intervals

    Weeks 7–8 Triads and Seventh Chords

    Week 9 Part 1 Exam




    Week 1 Introduction to Solfège / Simple Meter

    Week 3 Scale Line Melodies / Simple Meter

    Week 5 Intervals from the Tonic Triad, Major Keys / Simple Meter

    Week 7 Intervals from the Tonic Triad, Major Keys / Compound Meter


    Week 1 Introduction to Solfège / Simple Meter

    Weeks 1–2 Intervals in Action (Two-Voice Counterpoint Supplement

    with: Voice Leading in Two Voices (from Bruce Benward’s

    Music in Theory and Practice); includes writing a bass

    line for a given melody

    Week 3 Melodic and Rhythmic Embellishment in Two-Voice Composition

    Week 4 Notation and Scoring

    Weeks 4–5 Voicing Chords in Multiple Parts: Instrumentation—Instrumental

    arranging projects are assigned. Each piece must have

    at least two transposing instruments (not counting octave

    displacements). All work must be saved to disk. Finale or

    NotePad notation software must be used.


    Week 5 Part II Exam


    Part III: The Phrase Model

    Chapters from The Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis (textbook, anthology) and

    The Musician’s Guide to Aural Skills (workbook)

    Week 6 The Basic Phrase Model: Tonic and Dominant Voice-Leading

    Week 7 Embellishing Tones

    Week 8 Chorale Harmonization and Figured Bass

    Week 9 Semester Exams—No Regularly Scheduled Classes


    Sight-Singing [SC16]

    Week 1 Minor Keys: Intervals from the Tonic Triad / Simple and Compound


    Week 2 Intervals from the Dominant Triad: Major and Minor Keys

    Week 3 Further Use of Diatonic Intervals

    Week 4 Intervals from the Dominant Seventh Chord


    Part II—Melody: Diatonic Intervals / Rhythm: Subdivision of the Beat

    Week 5 Rhythm Dictation Practice

    Week 6 Melody: Intervals from the Tonic and Dominant Triads

    Week 7 Further Use of Diatonic Intervals

    Third Nine Weeks


    Week 1 Chapter 14 Chorale Harmonization and Figured Bass

    Week 2 Chapter 15 Expanding the Basic Phrase: Leading-Tone, Predominant, and

    6/4 Chords

    Further Expansions of the Basic Phrase: Tonic Expansions, Root

    Progressions (including the realization of Roman numeral

    progressions), and the Mediant Triad

    The Interaction of Melody and Harmony: More on Cadence,

    Phrase, and Melody

    Week 4 Diatonic Sequences

    Week 5 Intensifying the Dominant: Secondary Dominants and Secondary

    Leading-Tone Chords; New Voice-Leading Chords

    Phrase Rhythm and Motivic Analysis

    Part V: Musical Form and Interpretation

    Week 6 Part III Exam

    Popular Song and Art Song

    Week 7 Variation and Rondo

    Chapter 23 Binary and Ternary Forms (from Part IV)

    Week 8 Sonata-Form Movements

    Chapter 29 Chromaticism, Whole-Tone Scales; Introduction to 20th-Century

    Composing Techniques

    Week 9 Part V Exam


    • 8-measure excerpts from choral literature

    • Teacher-composed 8-measure phrases

    • Student-composed 8-measure phrases

    Fourth Nine Weeks

    Part IV: Further Expansion of the Harmonic Vocabulary

    Week 1 Tonicizing Scale Degrees Other Than V

    Chapter 22 Modulation to Closely Related Keys

    Week 2 Color and Drama in Composition

    Weeks 1–6 Required exams from the Musician’s Guide Web site

    Weeks 1–6 Dictation exercises—melodic and harmonic

    Weeks 1–6 Free-response question exercises

    Weeks 1–6 Recorded sight-singing exercises

    Weeks 1–6 In-depth aural analysis of literature—classwork/discussion

    Weeks 1–6 Students complete teacher-designed exams based on AP Released

    Exam materials.

    Weeks 3 and 5 Complete AP Music Theory Released Exams—All students are administered

    two recorded sight-singing tests comparable to those used on

    the AP Exam.

    Weeks 7–9 Student arranging assignments

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