• Hello parents - are you ready for some homework?!?! Here is a schedule for our focus letter each week.

    Monday - The focus letter bag. Please have your child find one thing that begins with our focus letter. Place one item in the bag we send home. Please think of 3 clues that describes the item in the bag. It is always a good idea to write the clues on the bag - the children sometimes forget their clues and we only do 5 - 6 bags each day.



    Wednesday - Literacy Journals - the children are writng sentences using the list of word wall words written in their journal. Please help them remember to begin each sentence with a capital letter, have spacing between the words, and end each sentence with some kind of punctuation.

    Thursday - reading of some kind. It could be the childrens Poems and Songs folder or their Book Buddy Bag. Please enjoy the time and listen to them read and point to the words.

    Friday - We rarely send homework home on Friday - just enjoy your weekend!