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    Linda Janszen




    FREE Study Materials


    Fee-Based Study Materials

    "Davidson Next materials now are available for free to AP students and teachers worldwide in three initial subjects: AP Calculus, AP Physics and AP Macroeconomics."
      This area will include links to discounted materials as that information becomes available.  Please check the school and local library as some of these resources may be available there.

    SCUC does not endorse these products but has received product information from reputable sources.  Students are NOT required to purchase any particular products listed here.   These products are OPTIONAL.  Should you choose to use these products, please provide feedback to the AP teacher and coordinator on their usefulness.



    Disclaimer: This page is not a product of Advanced Placement or CollegeBoard. It is intended only for use by Clemens students and parents who are involved in the Advanced Placement Program.

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