Monthly Major Events

  • October Major Events

    • October 3rd: Advisory Committee Breakfast; Menu create by Nicole Knox and Madison Hansen

    • October 5th: Austin F & W Conference and Competition

    • October 6th: Deadline for interest applications for Cupcake Battle (27th of October)

      Also, we will be having a guest speaker whom will teach us about the Dairy Industry.

    • October 11th: Salsa Competition @ St. Phillips- Damon Rush and Jose Aponte will be competing.

    • October 13th: Fall Invitation Mystery Basket Applications Due (November 3rd)

    • October 19th: Practicum students’ first visit to Four Kings Bakery for Orientation.

    • October 24th: Fall Leadership Luncheon- Menu created by Dalton Woody and Matthew Martinez

    • October 25th: 300 Cupcakes for NHS Induction Ceremony- We need 4 students to volunteer to help out that evening.

    • October 27th: Cupcake Battle @ Conrad Hilton College of Hospitality and Tourism- Competitors TBD

    • October 30th: Practicum students 2nd rotation to Four Kings Bakery for Orientation.

      College and Career Night Dinner for 120 Industry and College Stakeholders