Important Files

  • Syllabus: This will give you information about the course, fees associated with the course, CTSOs (Culinary Club and FCCLA), Rules and Expectations, etc.

    Pacing Calendar: This will explain the general flow of the course throughout the year. In general, we will be following this sequence, but in the case that a catering is requested, certain units/ chapters may shift.

    Learning Goals: This is a general outline of what I expect Culinary Arts students to understand and apply by the end of the school year. *Parents: If your child is seriously considering culinary arts as a career choice, please engage them at home and encourage them to help in the kitchen or to cook dinner for the family.

    Recipe For Success: A general list of expectations. Culinary arts class can be challenging to adapt to at first, because we shift from a lab (kitchen) environment to a classroom environment fairly often. I have procedures in place to help my students transition and adapt more easily, but these basic expectations must be followed and met on a daily basis to make this class run efficiently and effectively.

    Lab Grading Rubric: This is available for students and parents to understand my method for grading students in the lab (Summative grades). It is important to know ahead of time how one is being evaluated, to know what is expected. The criteria that students are graded on are based on Texas Standards for this course (TEKS) and must be met in order to pass the class. Practicing an effort toward improving these criteria throughout the year is what makes each student successful in culinary arts. These skills are meant to not only apply to a career in culinary arts, but can transcend to a professional career in virtually anything.

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