Substitute Teacher Policy



    I strive very hard to be in class every day. There will be times however when I have a substitute.  I strictly follow these guidelines to ensure the substitute has a good day. I expect my students to know that I expect them to behave and act accordingly.  


    When I am out and there is a substitute, the following will happen if there is a single complaint written about a class, i.e. students constantly disrupting class, students not working on work assigned work, major disruptions, etc., the following will occur:  


    1. Parents of students who were written up will be contacted either e-mail or phone.


    1. The students who are singled out will receive a referral to the appropriate Vice Principal’s office.


    1. ALL students will write a 2-page essay about their behavior, why they choose to behave that way, and why it was inappropriate; plus they will take home for parental signatures.


    I have discussed this with all of my students and they are aware of my policy in regards to substitute teachers. In my 9 years at Steele High School, I have only had to implement this policy twice. I take behavior with substitute teachers very seriously. 


    Lisa R. Magnusson