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    Students will need to use the following class ID and enrollment key to submit papers into Turn It In.

    Class Enrollment Key for all classes: #youcandoit

    Class ID:

    1st Period-22252144                       6th Period- 22252211

    3rd Period- 22252174                      7th Period- 22252219

    4th Period- 22252203                      8th Period-22252228                                                                  




    *************You must create an account FIRST before you can log in**************

    Instructions for (Submitting Papers)

    1.  Log in and select the appropriate class session.

    2.  Click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a green arrow on it next to the assignment you would like to submit.

    3.  The first thing to select "Choose A Paper Submission Method," which is a drop down menu.  Select whether to "cut & paste" your paper or upload the file.  Either way is acceptable.

    4.  The next two blanks should be filled in with your first and last name (from your account info.)

    5.  If you selected "cut & paste", simply copy the text you are submitting and paste it in the large box below the fields with your first and last name.  

    6.  Submit your paper by clicking on the "Submit" button