Art 1

  • Introduction to Course

    Art 1 sets the foundation for Visual Arts at Steele.  Students will learn about the elements and principles of art and how they work together to create beautiful works of art. Students will observe different historical works of art and learn how the masters created them. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of art through constructive critique from their peers and teacher. They will also have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of mediums and learn techniques in drawing, painting, and sculpting.



    Tutoring is available before and after school upon request. 


    Class Rules:


    1. Work quietly at assigned seat.
    2. Respect materials and personal space of others.
    3. No food!! Drink is ok in a closed container
    4. Maintain a CLEAN workspace.
    5. Bring required supplies DAILY.
    6. DAILY participation is required.
    7. Incomplete projects will not exceed a grade of 50.
    8. Late work will follow school policy.
    9. Be kind to others and their artwork.
    10. Be open to accepting artistic guidance from your Art Teacher


  • Discipline Procedures:


    1. Warning
    2. Conference with Parent by phone or email
    3. Referral to Administration




    Supplies due: September 3rd

    These supplies are required to complete many projects.

    Supplies must be replaced as they are used up.

    • 1-Composition Book 100 or 80 sheets size: 9.75" x 7.5" Wide Ruled 

    • 1-Box=2 pencils

    • 2-black fine point Sharpie markers

    • 2-black ultra-fine point Sharpie markers

    • 1-glue stick

    • 1-4fl oz bottle of glue

    • Erasers (white vinyl or at least pencil cap erasers)

    • Watercolor Set (8 or 12 count; Crayola or Prang are better quality)

    • Small Bag to store supplies

    • Styrofoam egg carton (no eggs, please!)


    • Newspaper

    • Optional supplies:
    • *Prismacolor color pencils are a high quality color pencil that I recommend buying if you want to invest money in Art.  I recommend waiting for them to go on sale if you do decide to buy them.


    LABEL ALL SUPPLIES (except egg carton & newspaper)