Physics Syllabus

  • STEELE HIGH SCHOOL                 



    Teacher:  D Alonso

    Course:   Physics                                                                            

    Text:         Glencoe Physics Principles and Problems             

    Room:        Q246



    Course Description

    Physics is a two-semester (36-week) enriched level course which provides an in depth overview of the law of nature.  It is a fast paced course requiring outside class study time.  There will also be projects requiring research time outside of class.

    Course Content                     

    Introduction & Lab Management


    Graphing Motion


    Kinematics 1D & 2D Motion

    Electricity & Magnetic Fields

    Newton’s Laws of Motion


    Universal Gravitation/Speed of Light/Special Relativity


    Conservation of Energy & Momentum

    Sound & Light


    Atomic/ Nuclear/ Quantum Physics


    -        Students are encouraged to complete all written and reading assignments throughout the term. 

    -        ZEROES are NOT an option in this class.

    -        Late work will not be accepted for full credit due to the fact that most work is graded in class.  Make up assignments (70% maximum grade) for these zeros are available during tutorial hours ONLY and MUST be done before the unit test.  If you have difficulty completing assignments, speak with me ahead of time. 

    -        Tutorials are available several days of the week.  Tutorial times are posted in the classroom & on my webpage or by appt.

    -        Grades may be accessed online through the district website on Parent Connection at anytime. Contact your counselor if you need instructions on how to do this.

    Absences and Make-Up Work

    -        Make-up assignments and notes are the responsibility of the student – Most notes, powerpoints, & assignments can be downloaded from my webpage.

    -        All assignments missed must be turned in according to teacher’s instructions.

    -        If you miss a quiz, be ready to take it upon your return. There are usually no makeup labs.  You will be given an alternate assignment covering the same material. Alternative assignments include such as; written report, online simulation lab, or other.


    -        Students will be tested over each unit upon the completion of the unit material. 

    -        If a student misses a test, the student must make arrangements with the teacher in order to make-up the test. 

    -        Retests are available per campus guidelines. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a retest time if necessary. 

    -        Retests and makeup tests must be completed within a one week time period of the original test date.


    Grading Criteria

    Each Nine Weeks                                           Semester Grade

    Daily Grades, Homework,                Nine weeks grades = 50%    

    Quizzes, Labs                                                                        

    50% Tests & Major Projects                    Midterm/Final                                                                                                            

    Please keep track of student averages online – they are updated weekly.

    Notebooks & Supplies

    -        You need to bring required materials everyday, such as textbook, pens, pencils, paper/composition notebook, and scientific calculator.