Rules and Expectations

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    1.  Respect peers, adults, and the property of others.

    2.  Be prepared to learn.

    3.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    4.  Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.



    1.  Classroom Cash

    2. Verbal and non-verbal praise

    3. Fun Friday

    4. Lunch with the teacher


    1st 9-wks: S- or better

    2nd 9-wks: S or better

    3rd 9-wks: S+ or better

    4th 9-wks: only E’s


    1. Verbal Warning(s)

    2. Note home in planner/behavior calendar

    3. Fine 

    4. Loss of privileges

    5. Phone call home

    6. Discipline referral to an administrator