Classroom Policies and Procedures


    Byron P. Steele II High School

    ELA Basic I-IV Student Expectations and Classroom Policies/Procedures 2017-2018

    Staff: Mr. Reeves/ Mrs. Hanson (Room G113B)  

    Student Expectations

    These student expectations are based on district and school policies outlined in the appropriate handbook

      Students are expected to:


    1.      Follow District Policies as listed in current handbook.


    2.      Students will wear their student ID’s on a lanyard at all times while in class.


    3.     Not interfere with anyone else’s learning in class.( While you may understand a concept

          already, others may not; disrupting their concentration may cause them to do poorly.)


    4.      Remain in the classroom and in their assigned seat until dismissed by the staff at the end of class.


    5.      Not bring food or drinks into the classroom, bottled water in a clear container is the only

          allowable drink. Exceptions to this rule are for verified medical requirements.


    6.      Take care of personal business (restroom/and grooming) before class; passes are only

          for emergencies. When students are given permission to leave class they must have a PASS


    7.      Follow all staff directions, pay attention and take part in class activities.


    8.      Treat themselves, the staff, and other people’s persons and property with proper    



    9.      Refrain from using profanity and derogatory language, both are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  


    10.  Advocate for themselves by informing the teacher about any special circumstances

           (medical, physical or personal) that would require them to deviate from current policies.

           Personal communication with the staff should be done before or after class.


    11.  Unless given permission to do so; students must not hold or operate any unauthorized electronic devices in 

           classroom, this includes but not limited to cell phone, I-Pods and MP3 players. (The school policy regarding

           confiscation of these devices will be enforced. Students that refuse to surrender their electronic devices

           when asked to do so will receive an office referral.      


    12. There is a Zero Tolerance for demeaning, derogatory or destructive attitudes and behaviors.  


    13.  If a student is absent, it is that student's responsibility to ask the teacher for the missing assignments and

           instructions. Students may be required to attend tutoring to make up some instructions such as test, powerpoints

           or videos. 


    14. Students will come prepared for class with minimal supplies pen, pencil, and notebook paper.