Classroom Expectations - Including appropriate use of electronics


    GERMAN – Frau Talley Q 135

    To ensure a safe environment that facilitates learning the following rules are in place:

    1.                  Be on time

    2.                  Respect yourself and others

    3.                  Leave your desk area behind clean

    4.                  Obey all school rules

    5.                  Speak German!


    Use of Electronics in class:

    Students may use personal electronic devices to

    - Look up vocabulary words (dictionary app)

    - Participate in class activities (interactive games such as "KAHOOT")

    - Look up information relating to class content, (look up cultural information, geography and such)

    - Listen to music with headphones, (at a volume that only the student can hear), when working on a independent assignment

    Students may NOT use personal electronic devices for

    - Games

    - Social media

    - Taking pictures/videos (unless this is part of a project, with teacher permission)

    - When Frau Talley is giving instructions !

    Students may be allowed to check things like other teacher's websites/gradespeed at the teacher's discretion after all assigned work is completed.

    Student's will receive one warning, with parental contact, after that the student's device will be turned in to the appropriate administrator.