Welcome to the Steele Band website. It is the goal of the directors for this website to be another way for students, parents, community, and supporters of the Knight Band to receive information regarding the Steele band program. Within this website, you will find current and future events. In addition, you will find links to other music sites that may help you to find new ways to foster stronger musical appreciation at home and in our community.

    The best way to reach a director is through email: 

    Steven Deater - sdeater@scuc.txed.net (Director of Bands) 

    Buck Palmer - jpalmer@scuc.txed.net (Assistant Director of Bands/Director of Percussion) 

    Miguel Martinez - mamartinez@scuc.txed.net (Assistant Director of Bands/Director of Marching and Jazz Band) 

    Linda Guerra - lguerra@scuc.txed.net (Guard Sponsor)




  • Remote Learning

    All of our band events are currently on hold until further notice.  In an effort to continue progress, students should join the appropriate Google Classroom for their class period.  Students need to have the ability to record video and upload to Google Classroom. The first assignment will be posted in Google Classroom on Wednesday, March 25 and due by 11:55pm on Sunday, March 29.  Students should also be ready to access the free Zoom app so we can have live discussions.  Students do not need to create an account with Zoom, just use the access codes for the Zoom meetings they are attending.   


    Stay safe and healthy, with positivity and patience, as we figure all of this out together. 


    Google Classroom Codes

    1st Period Wind Ensemble - hjjdgbt

    2nd Period Symphonic Winds – ikm2g6g

    3rd Period Symphonic Band – v7txgak

    4th Period Concert Band - aj5qv47

    5th Period Applied Music – mq7jalt

    5th Period Jazz Band – ra3k3zq

    Steele Percussion - xjyyeyv

    Steele Colorguard – kadpwlh


    Steele Sectional Band Rehearsal Schedule

    Please review the attachedment below for sectional schedules:

    Steele Band Sectional Schedule - Spring 2020

    These rehearsals are mandatory for the all band classes. If students do not attend they will be given a make-up sheet to be signed by a parent or guardian to ensure they have practiced the material that was missed. If not turned in by Monday (or Tuesday if no school Monday) of the next week points will not be regained.


Band Info

  • The BAND App (Announcements & Events)

    1) click the following invitation/link:


    2) follow the instructions to sign up

    3) You're in!!!

    One of the biggest differences with the Band App, is the opportunity for two way communication.  However, you will be receiving notifications from everyone's response unless you do the following:

    1) In the app, click the 3 horizontal lines on the bottom right of your screen

    2) Click "Notifications"

    3) Click on "Comments"

    4) Select "Tagged Comments Only"

    By following these instructions, you Will still receive the reminders, but will not get additional notifications for comments from the entire band.

    Please download the "Band App" today and get set up so you can continue to receive reminders and information.  The drum majors will no longer be sending anything through Remind.

    Steele Band Interactive Calendars

    We have all our dates listed below in interactive google calendars, that you can subscribe to, and are updated reguarly. Please subscribe to any of the following calendars that apply to your student:

    Steele Knight Band (Main): This calendar is designated for general events that apply to all band members.

    Steele Band - Main

    Steele HS Marching Band: For all participating members of the marching band, and competition band.

    Steele Marching Band

    Steele Colorguard: Colorguard specific events, rehearsals, and information.

    Steele HS Colorguard

    Steele Percussion: Percussion specific related events, rehearsals, and information.

    Steele HS Percussion



    Steele Band Calendar 2019-2020

    July 25-26 - Drumline and Guard Camp (8:00 – 11:30am and 12:30 – 4:00pm)

    July 25-26 - Steele Leadership Camp with Martinez, 9am-11:30am 12:30-3pm

    July 25-26 - Uniform Fitting

    August 1 - Steele Prep Day for ALL Band Students 1:00-4:00pm

    August 1 - Mandatory Band Parent Meeting – Steele Auditorium – 6:30pm

    August 1 – Band Pictures (group & individual) 8:00am/Fundraiser Kickoff 11:00am / Prep Day for all band students 1:00pm

    August 2 - Band Rehearsal
              7:00-11:00am: Visual and Music, Outside/Inside (full band)

              12:30-4:00pm: Music, Inside (full band)

    August 2 - Movie Night, Steele HS Auditorium 4:30-8:30pm (optional)

    August 5 - Band Rehearsal
              7:00-11:00am: Visual and Music, Outside/Inside (full band)

              12:30-4:00pm: Music, Inside (full band)

    August 6 - Band Rehearsal
              7:00-11:00am: Visual and Music, Outside/Inside (full band)

              12:30-4:00pm: Music, Inside Rehearsal (full band)

              6:00-9:00pm: Marching Drill Rehearsal (competition band)

    August 7 - Band Rehearsal
              7:00-11:00am: Visual and Music, outside/inside (full band)

              12:30-4:00pm: Music, Inside Rehearsal

    August 8 - Band Rehearsal
               (no AM Rehearsal)

              2:00-4:00pm: Music, Inside Rehearsal

              6:00-9:00pm: Marching Drill Rehearsal (competition band)

    August 9 - Band Rehearsal
              7:00-11:00am: Visual and Music, outside/inside (full band)

              1:30-4:00pm: Music, Inside Rehearsal (full band)

    August 9 - Steele Band Pool Party @ Schertz (Pickrell Park) 6:30-7:30 PM  BBQ/Dinner & 7:30-10:30 PM Swim (Pickrell Park in Schertz by FM 1518)

    August 12 - Band Rehearsal
              (no AM Rehearsal)

              1:30-4:00pm: Music, Inside Rehearsal (full band)

    August 13 - Band Rehearsal
              7:00-11:00am: Visual and Music, Outside/Inside (full band)

              (no afternoon rehearsal)

              6:00-9:00pm: Marching Drill Rehearsal (competition band)

    August 14 - Band Rehearsal
              7:00-11:00am: Visual and Music, Outside/Inside (full band)

              (no PM rehearsal)

    August 15 - Band Rehearsal
              7:00-11:00am: Visual and Music, outside/inside (full band)

              1:30-4:00pm: Music, Inside Rehearsal (full band)

              6:00-9:00pm: Marching Drill Rehearsal (competition band)

    August 16 - Band Rehearsal
              7:00-11:00am: Visual and Music, outside/inside (full band)

              1:30-4:00pm: Music, Inside Rehearsal (full band)

    August 21 - Meet the Knights Show Performance

    August 31 - Football Game @ O’Connor (Farris Stadium)

    September 6 - Football Game vs. Reagan (Lehnhoff Stadium)

    September 13 - Football Game @ Churchill (Heroes Stadium)

    September 14 - Jr. High Marching Camp (Hosted by Steele Band Officers) 9am-3pm

    September 20 - Football Game vs. Judson (Lehnhoff Stadium)*8th Grade Night*

    September 27 - Football Game(Home) @. Clemens (Lehnhoff Stadium)

    September 28 – Marching Band Contest - BOA Austin (Kelley Reeves Stadium) - 1:45pm Performance

    October 4 – Open (No Football Game)

    October 11 - Football Game @ San Marcos (San Marcos Stadium)

    October 12 – Marching Band Contest - US Bands Yamaha Cup (Rutlegde Stadium) - TBA

    October 14 - Full Band Rehearsal, 8am-10:30am

    October 18 - Football Game vs. New Braunfels (Lehnhoff Stadium)

    October 19 - UIL Region 11 Marching Contest (Rutledge Stadium) - 4:30pm Performance

    October 25 - Football Game @ Smithson Valley (Ranger Stadium)

    October 30 - Black Out Pep Rally - 6:20 at Band Hall

    November 1 – BOA San Antonio Super Regional Marching Band Contest (Alamodome) - TBA

    November 1 - Football Game vs. NB Canyon (Lehnhoff Stadium) *Homecoming*

    November 8 – Football Game @ East Central (East Central Stadium)

    November 15 - Possible 6A Bi-District Playoff Football Game

    November 22 or 23 - Possible 6A Area Playoff Football Game

    November 29 or 30 - Possible 6A Regional Playoff Football Game

    December 7 - Region Band Auditions - Steele HS

    December 7 - Possible 6A Quarterfinals Playoff Football Game

    December 8 & 9 - Region Orchestra Clinic and Concert

    December 12 - Steele Band Winter Concert @ Steele Auditorium – 6:30pm

    December 14 - Cibolo Holiday Parade 10:00 AM

    December 21 - Possible 6A State Championship Playoff Football Game

    January 11 - Area Band Auditions – Texas A&M Corpus Christi

    January 16, 17 - Region Band Clinic and Concert - Judson HS

    February 22 - U.I.L. Solo & Ensemble Band contest @ Steele

    March 19 - Steele/Clemens Pre-U.I.L. Concert @ Steele

    March 25 & 26 - Jr. High U.I.L. Concert and Sightreading Contest @ East Central

    April 1 & 2 - 6A Non-Varsity & Varsity U.I.L. Concert & Sightreading Contest @ Steele HS - TBA

    April 3 & 4 - Host Booster American Classic Music Festival

    April 8 - Student Leadership Applications Available

    April 15 - 2019-20 Steele Band audition music available

    April 16 - Knight of Percussion and Jazz @ Steele - 6:00pm

    April 20 - Student Leadership Applications Due / Freshmen Band Parent Meeting in the Steele Band Hall 6:00pm

    April 24 & 25 - Host Booster American Classics Music Festival

    April 27 and April 28 - Freshmen Marching Band Camp at Dobie JHS Football Field 3:30-5:00pm Both Days (Mandatory)

    April 29 - Drum Major Auditions After School

    April 30 – Band Leadership Auditions 7:00 AM

    May 13-15 - 2020-21 Steele Band auditions (May 13-14, Jr. High auditions after school at Steele 4-6:30pm)

    May 8 & 9 - Host Booster Director's Choice Music Festival

    May 9 - Band Ball (Schertz Civic Center)

    May 12 - Spring Concert @ Steele - 6:30pm

    May 15 & 16 - Host Booster American Classics Music Festival

    May 28 - Graduation Performance (Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds only) - Freeman Col. 7:30 PM

    May 30 or June 1 (TBD) - Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest - UT Austin/Pflugerville

    May 29 & 30 - Leadership Training - 9:00am-4:00pm


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