• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Looking for the off-campus & parking permit forms? They're at the bottom of this page.
    1. Dress Code
    2. Electronic Devices
    3. Attendance
    4. Credit Denial
    5. Credit Recovery
    6. TEA Forms
    7. Exam Exemptions
    8. Off-campus Lunch
    9. ID Cards


    Dress Code
    It is important to familiarize yourself with our dress code. Some basic information:

    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least three inches (3") or longer above the knee, from a standing position.
    • House-shoes and steel-toed shoes are not allowed.
    • Tank-tops and muscle shirts are not allowed.
    • No body piercings, except those in the ears (maximum of three per ear) are allowed. Band-Aides covering prohibited piercings are not allowed.
    • Clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, gangs, violence, tobacco or that which is sexual in nature is not allowed.
    • No headwear, hats, visors, sunglasses, etc. are allowed to be worn in the building.
    • Articles deemed inappropriate by the administration are also prohibited.

    These are just a few items. Please click on the following link and take some time to read the complete section regarding dress code.  [more]   [top]

    Electronic Devices
    SCUC ISD will provide you with the opportunity to use personal electronic devices for educational purposes. It will be your responsibility to follow the rules for safe and responsible use. Access to SCUC’s network is a privilege. If you fail to abide by these rules, you may be subject to the removal of this privilege and other consequences. You may bring your mobile device to school at your own risk. The District will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced devices. [more] [top]

    A student who is absent from school has three (3) days to provide a note/documentation to the attendance office. The note must contain reason for absence, parent name, parent signature and a daytime phone number to reach the parent who wrote the note. If the three days pass, or no note is provided, then the absence will be coded as a "U", meaning unexcused.

    Students will be documented as unexcused absent if they are ten (10) or more minutes late to class.  [more]   [top]

    Credit Denial
    Students will be denied credit for a class due to excessive absences. If a student is absent more than 18 times to a 36 week class (full year) or more than 9 times to an 18 week class (half year) regardless if the absences are excused or not, they will be denied credit for that class.

    If credit is denied, and a passing grade was earned for the denied class, contact should be made to the appropriate Vice Principal to discuss credit restoration options.  [more]   [top]

    Credit Recovery
    When a student has been denied credit, in a class they have earned a passing grade, due to absences, the student may be assigned credit recovery sessions as determined by the appropriate Vice Principal. Please contact the appropriate Vice Principal for more information.  [top]

    TEA Forms
    These forms are required by the Texas Department of Public Safety to insure attendance for driver’s license applications. Students must attend each class 90% of the days the course is offered in order to be in compliance with DPS requirements.

    Specific information about this requirement can be obtained at the DPS website.  [more]   [top]

    Exam Exemptions
    Students who have been enrolled for the entire year may apply for FINAL exam exemptions. The final exam exemption policy extends to 36 week courses. This policy is very detailed and it is highly suggested one read the full text by clicking on the following link.  [more]   [top]

    Off-campus Lunch
    Only seniors and juniors who have met the EXIT-LEVEL STANDARDS for STAAR are eligible to obtain this lunch privilege. This privilege can be revoked at any time by the parent/guardian or school administration. Students who participate in "off-campus lunch" must show their school ID at one of two (2) exits as they leave the building. Students are to leave for "off-campus lunch" either through the courtyard gate or through the front doors located near the library.  [more]   [top]

    ID Cards
    Students are required to carry and wear their I.D. cards at all times as mandated by law. (TEXAS EDUCATION CODE, Sec. 37.105). Students not wearing and I.D. card at all times may be subject to disciplinary action. I.D. cards must be shown when requested by any school official or employee. Replacement cards can be obtained at a cost of $5.00.  [more]   [top]