Spanish II



     Bienvenidos a la clase de Español II!

     Welcome to Spanish II class!


    The study of a new language requires a lot of effort and dedication. I am confident that everyone in this class can obtain the basic skills to communicate in simple settings. It is necessary for students to take an active role and engage in the process of learning Spanish.


    Spanish II is an interactive and conversational course. You will continue to learn the language you need for everyday usage and common situations. You will also learn about the culture of the Spanish speaking countries including art, legends, food, dances and cultural celebrations.


    This is an accelerated course that can be completed in sixty days. It is important that you work diligently and that you organize your time to make sure you are completing all assignments required.


    In this class you are expected to:


    Keep your work log up to date   (record your progress in your folder daily)

    Be Here               (awake and ready to work)

    Be Productive         (on task and follow all procedures)

    Be Respectful        (courteous to all, speak with purpose, self-control etc)


     *Credit will be awarded when ALL assignments have been completed.