Daily 5

  • The Daily 5  SchoolCenter Pictureby "the sisters"  Boushey & Moser

    We LOVE Daily Five time!  If your child comes home and talks about it, I am so thrilled!  Daily Five is our literacy block in our classroom.  It is not a program, but a management system that allows students to work on authentic reading practice while I meet with small groups and individual students.  In the beginning of the year, we will spend a great deal of time learning how to ACT (Green Valley ACTS) during Daily Five time.  This explicit teaching of behavior allows Daily Five time to run smoothly, as all students know exactly what to do, so that I can focus my attention on very individualized reading instruct


    I PICK “Good Fit Books”

      The students are taught from day one about choosing and selecting books that are just right for their reading level.  They are called “Good Fit Books”.  This is what students use to help them choose their books:

    1. I   pick a book

    2. P urpose (Why do I want to read this book?)

    3.  I nterest (Does this book interest me?)

    4.  C omprehend (Can I understand what I’m reading?)

    5. K now (Do I know most of the words?)


    Three Ways To Read A Book

    There are three ways to read a book:

    1.  Read the pictures.

    2. Read the words.

    3. Retell the story.