Word Wall Activities

  • Ways to work on WORD WALL WORDS


    Word Sorts
    1. Sort the words into different piles depending on some features certain words share. Your child may sort all words that begin with a certain sound, have a certain vowel sound, contain a certain blend or digraph. Parents can do a sort and your child can guess how you sorted them.

    2. Write words on individual chalkboard/dry erase boards

    3. Write words one letter at a time with paintbrush and water

    4. I Spy...Give clues such as:
    It is on the red word 
    It has 3 letters in it.
    It rhymes with far.
    It begins with a vowel and ends with a vowel.
    etc.  The kids write  the word when they figure it out or they can pick it out of the cards.

    5. Let your child highlight them in a magazine or newspaper

    6. Pick 5 and put them in ABC order

    7. Pick a word and have your child think of other words with that same spelling pattern

    8. Use the words in sentences

    9. Which words would need a question mark if it was the first word in a sentence

    10. Cut out word wall words from a magazine- How many can you find?

    11. Read the words and clap each syllable

    12. Whisper the word and then YELL the word

    13. Play Scrabble with the words.

    14. Use letter tiles to make other words with the same spelling pattern.

    15. Find the words in their library books