Classroom Procedures & Curriculum


    Classroom Procedures


    I would like to welcome you to our class. I have typed up some classroom procedures that you can read through. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me during my conference time or e-mail me at

    My conference time is from 9:35-10:25 and lunch is from 12:15-12:50.


    Again I welcome you and look forward to working with you and your child.


    We are proud to be a Continuous Classroom Improvement (CCI) classroom, where students have input and ownership in the learning process!


    Three years ago Green Valley Elementary implemented a Systems Approach to continuous Improvement. It is called Continuous Classroom Improvement (CCI).  In our Continuous Classroom Improvement classroom, you will see the following:

    • Student ownership, responsibility and accountability in their own learning
    • Increased academic achievement
    • Student focused
    • Results driven
    • Data Notebooks


    My goal is to encourage students to communicate openly in a trusting and accepting classroom environment enabling them to take responsibility for their learning. Students at any age can manage their learning and chart their progress. When learning/progress becomes difficult for a child, adjustments will be made in their instruction. You will be able to see your child’s learning requirements on our class website, emails, data folders and assignment sheets throughout the year.

    In combination with CCI, Green Valley Students will learn how to embrace “The Leader in Me” that is in each one of us and practice habits that make us all more effective. This is our second year of implementation. The Leader in Me process helps develop the essential life skills and characteristics students need in order to thrive in the 21st century.

    The Leader in Me is integrated into a school's core curriculum and everyday language so that it isn't "one more thing" teachers and administrators have to do. It becomes part of the culture, gaining momentum and producing improved results year after year, benefiting schools and students in the following ways:

    • Develops students who have the skills and self-confidence to succeed as leaders in the 21st century.
    • Decreases discipline referrals.
    • Teaches and develops character and leadership through existing core curriculum.
    • Improves academic achievement.
    • Raises levels of accountability and engagement among both parents and staff

    If you are not familiar with the 7 Habits, your child will be happy to teach them to you.



    Green Valley Tardy Policy:

    Tardy slips will be given out to any student who is not in their classroom at the 7:45 bell.  In order to give our students the specified number of classroom instruction minutes required by the district, students MUST be in the classroom – not in the hall, by 7:45.



    Each child will have a folder that I call a “Take Home Folder.”  It will be a maroon folder. In that folder, there should be a reading log (back of the folder) and weekly assignment sheet (front of the folder). The assignment sheet will be changed every Monday and the reading log every month. Both the assignment sheet and reading log should be signed daily. This folder will be coming home in a jumbo size Ziploc bag along with other school materials. Your child should bring this home and back to school everyday. If you need to send any notes, permission slips, etc., please put these items in the home folder.


    Discipline Procedures

    I will have a chart on our board. Each child will have a little clothes pin with their name on it. All students start the day on the “GOAL.” If a student exhibits unacceptable behavior, I will give them a verbal warning. If the behavior continues, I will move their pin to the Strike 1 for a visual warning. If unacceptable behavior continues, I will move their pin Strike 2 and sign their assignment sheet letting you know what your child did. The student will sign the time-out book and take their time-out. If the behavior continues, I will move their pin to Strike 3, sign their assignment sheet again and if needed make a phone call. Extra time- out could be added at recess. You will be able to check their assignment sheet daily and initial. There is also opportunity for your child to move to “Touchdown” and “Homerun” which results in a report home or treasure box.



    Homework is given daily and can be found on the assignment sheet. Your child will have math homework weekly and reading every night. Other subjects will be adding as the year begins. Please make sure and check the assignment sheet. I type class news, spelling words, deadlines and other items of interest on the assignment sheet. I also ask that you initial the assignment sheet daily.



    We will have a designated snack time in the classroom during the morning time. You are welcome to send a healthy, non-messy J snack from home for your child to eat during our snack time. Water bottles are acceptable in the classroom also. I recommend a snack daily, we will be going to lunch later and your child will get hungry. We plan on having snack around 10:30.



    I welcome you to send in a treat for your child’s birthday; however we are under new guidelines as to what types of foods may be brought into the classrooms and shared with the whole class. Any birthday treats will have to be eaten during our afternoon time. You may send in a treat for the class in the morning or bring it in later in the day. If you would like to send in drinks also, please limit these to juice boxes or bottled water. Thanks for your cooperation with the state’s set of guidelines.


    Grades: I will go over grades at our parent/teacher conference. The report card will look much like the kindergarten report card.



    Math is going to be full of rigor and relevance. My job is to make first graders into mathematicians who THINK!

     You can expect to see…

    -       problem-solving approaches based on everyday situations

    -      an instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly

    -      frequent practice of basic skills, often through games

    -      lessons based on activities and discussion

    -      mathematical content that goes beyond basic arithmetic


    Most days, your child will bring home a page to do for homework.

     We will be doing and working on many different math concepts daily.


    Language Arts:

    My reading program involves many different avenues. We will do read-alouds (I read to them), shared reading (whole group), guided reading (small group instruction, on their level), and Daily 5.

    We will be working in many different combinations throughout the day using different types of texts. We will be singing, chanting, and reciting poetry, not just reading books. We will be working in whole group as well as small group situations.

    I will also focus on parts of a sentence (sentence writing), writing stories, responding to literature and journal writing. We will have spelling lists that will focus on word families and high frequency words. Spelling tests will be about two weeks from when the list is given.

    We will have a poetry folder/notebook that we will keep our poems in. This folder will be kept in our ziploc bag too. Your child may read our poems for their reading log.

    Consistent reading at home will make a huge difference in your child’s reading success. I do not expect your child to read everything in their reading bag, (jumbo ziploc), but I do expect each student to read SOMETHING for a significant amount of time at home each day. There will be a reading log in the take home folder for parents to sign each night so that I may keep track of what/how much time is spent practicing the reading skills we work on in the classroom. Your cooperation with this is GREATLY APPRECIATED! J


    Basal Reader- This is a series of six books that has stories that I send home as “extra” reading material. This book may be left at home until time to switch them out. I usually switch them every 5-6 weeks. This is an expensive book to replace – we can only purchase them in sets of 6, so if one book is damaged, we have to buy an entire set to replace that one book. Please protect these books at your homeJ.


    Social Studies/Science: Social Studies is integrated into our Language Arts and Math lessons throughout the day and Science concepts are taught at a designated time during the day. Your child will have a Science Notebook and will bring it home periodically.


    READING BAG (jumbo Ziploc) – Items should be kept in bag and brought back and forth to school everyday. The items include:


    • Take Home Folder – Maroon Green Valley Folder
      • Assignment Sheet
      • Reading Log
      • Notes
      • Announcements
      • Graded papers
      • Homework Pages
      • Spelling list
    • Poetry Folder -Poems and songs to practice reading

    Basal Reader

    • Library Books

     Thank you for allowing me to teach your child. I strive to always do my best and my goal is to guide your child to be a life long learner. I look forward to a wonderful year and please call me if you have any questions.


    Mrs. Leach