Grading Procedures

  • The following is First Grade's Grading Procedures

      Exceeds Expectations

    After a skill has been taught, the student is able to perform the skill or activity independently. The student has mastered the objective and applies the skill across subject areas with little or no teacher assistance or intervention. The student has reached a level of independence with the skill.



    After a skill is taught, the student may need some assistance from the teacher when applying the skill or completing the activity. The student is not independent when applying the skill, but is showing improvement and working toward mastery.


      Needs Improvement

    After a skill is taught, the student requires assistance from the teacher to apply the skill or complete the activity. The student is unable to apply the skill independently. The student is working below grade level.



    The student is not demonstrating the progress necessary to meet performance expectations for grade level work. The student needs more time to develop skills and strategies before being able to master the skill. Teacher assistance is needed to complete the assignment.