• Mr. Stacy's Policies Concerning...


     As a general rule, there will not be any homework given in this class. It is my belief that if students work hard "at the office," when they go home they should have time to relax and recuperate in preparation for another day of hard work. Having said this, there will be times, as there are in the work place, when deadlines must be met. If work has not been completed "at the office" that must be done in order to meet such a deadline, then students will be expected to complete the work on their time at home for the following day.  

    Late Work: 
    Everyone, myself included, has had things come up that have caused us to miss a deadline or   appointment. We, as adults, know that when that deadline/appointment is going to be missed, notifying the appropriate person(s) is the responsible and proper thing to do. My expectation of students is no different. If a student comes to me before the work is due (for example, in the morning before class) with an honest, reasonable explanation of why the deadline will be missed, no penalty points will be assesed. If a student does not take care of his/her responsibility, then penalty points will be assessed in accordance with school policy.

    Tests, Quizzes and Exams:
    Tests, quizzes and exams are as much for me as they are for students. They simply serve to help us know "where we stand" in terms of what has been learned. Although they have their place, they are not conclusive in determining what a student has, or has not, learned. Daily activity in class, working to meet goals in this and other classes, is of paramount importance.

    Test/Quiz/Activity Corrections.


    In order to improve your grades on any given assignment, you may do corrections. If the correction is done properly, your existing grade will be cut in half, and 50 points will be added to that. For example:

    Original grade is 76, divided by 2 = 38, plus 50 = 88
    (but never less than a 70)

    However, there are some rules concerning this:

    1. You must turn in the original graded assignment (and the rubric where applicable) along with your corrected copy of the "assignment."

    2. The corrected "assignment" must be just that, corrected. If what was wrong with the original assignment has not been corrected accurately in its entirety, there will be no change in your grade.