Word Wall Words

  • Word Wall Words
    Word Wall Words are also known as Sight Words and are the words most frequently used in reading and writing. First graders should focus on reading and spelling these words to facilitate their growth as readers and writers. Some of these words are easy to sound out. Other words that cannot be sounded out will have to be memorized. First Graders need to be able to read these words with a high level of fluency or on sight, hence the label "sight words."  They also must be able to use these words daily in their writing and be able to spell these words correctly as they develop as writers. The first three weeks we will be reviewing the words introduced in Kindergarten and will then be adding five new words each week to our Word Walls in our classrooms. Please work with your child daily to learn to read and spell these words. Have fun and keep reading! **Students will be tested over their ability to ready the words every Friday.

    Ideas for Learning Word Wall Words 
    1. Have children make flash cards and keep them in the car for quick practice
    2. Have children spell then words with magnets on the refrigerator door
    3. Have children spell words with play dough-This is great for fine motor development
    4. Have children write the words with their fingertips in a shallow pan of dry grits
    5. Have children use a dry erase board to practice words
    6. Have children spell the words with cereal and then they can eat the words for a snack
    7. Have children use the word in a sentence and then spell the word orally
    8. Have children make a matching game with the words and say the words to keep the pair
    9. Have children cut letters form magazines or newspapers and put together to make the words
    10. Have children find the words in books they are reading and spell them out loud without looking