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    Hello My Name is Mr. Esquivel. 

    Welcome to my page,

    Our Google Classroom code is: newoc2a


    Our Recommended 2020-2021 SY Supply List:

    2 boxes of Crayola Crayons

    2 boxes of large Crayola markers

    2 plastic folders with prongs and pockets

    4 boxes of facial tissue

    4 containers of disinfecting wipes

    2 packages of baby wipes

    4 hand sanitizers

    2 boxes of sandwich size baggies

    2 boxes of gallon size baggies

    Plastic pencil box

    2 packages of paper plates

    2 packages/boxes of plastic forks and spoons

    2 packages of plastic cups

    1 packed change of clothes for your student


    Due to the risk of spreading the Covid virus, we will not be providing snacks for your student until further notice. 

    In addition, community use of school supplies will not be allowed.

    Individualized wrapped snacks for daily consumption is higly recommended. 



    Tutoring times: TBD
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