Class Rules and Expectations



    Classroom Rules & Procedures

    Expecting the Best from the Best

    Mrs. Henk  ~  1st grade  ~  Cibolo Valley F115



    • Rules:  Expected behaviors.
    • Rewards:  What the student receives for appropriate behavior.
    • Consequences:  What the student chooses to accept if a rule is broken.



    1. I will sit up straight and participate!
    2. I will be kind to others.
    3. I will take care of our classroom.
    4. I will follow directions.


    Rewards:  Students can earn points on Class Dojo. These points will be used to earn incentives when their point goals are met. 





    1. Warning:   Students will be given a verbal warning if they are not displaying correct behavior. If the behavior continues, he/she will receive a warning on Class Dojo. This is a warning to stop the behavior and think about the appropriate behavior. You will be able to monitor the warnings on Class Dojo.


    1. Lose 5 minutes of recess:   If the behavior does not improve, the student will receive a negative point on Class Dojo and will lose 5 minutes of recess.  


    1. Serious or unsafe behaviors are handled immediately with a time-away (in another classroom or the Office) and Dojo will be marked appropriately.



    These rules, rewards, and consequences have been established to ensure a safe and fun learning environment where every student has the opportunity to achieve academic success.