Fun Facts about First Grade

  • Fun Facts About 1st Grade with Mrs. Henk


    You will…

    continue your Leadership Journey

    read a lot of great books


    write & publish great stories

    play math games

    work together as a team


    celebrate successes!

    go on a “cool” field trip

    do really awesome science


    projects and experiments

    and so much more!!!

    We have many exciting things planned and only the best will do for our Cibolo Valley First Graders!!!

    We have a busy, busy, year ahead of us! Our days will be filled with figuring out problems and learning concepts we can use every day in math, writing many amazing stories, reading many exciting books, and exploring science and social studies. And that is just in our class!

    Our will be divided into teams (red, green, purple, yellow & blue) and working cooperatively in these groups. There will be four to five students in each team and each group member will have the chance to be the Table Leader once a week.