Special Notice

  • SCUC ISD schools and offices will be closed all day on Tuesday, January 31st & Wednesday, February 1st. This will include all after school activities.

    The latest forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS) keeps Guadalupe county in the Winter Storm Warning area and indicates the possibility of worsening conditions overnight through early tomorrow morning.

    We are hopeful that conditions tomorrow will improve enough to resume classes on Thursday, but we will continue to monitor the NWS forecasts and road conditions across the district.

    Continue to stay safe and warm.

Administrators & Locations

My Last Name Assistant Principal Secretary Location Phone
A – FOX Mr. Pevoto Ms. Sigalas D102 210/945-6584
Ms. Stolhandske Ms. Sigalas D102 210/945-6584
FRA – MIS Ms. Becka Ms. Williams B223 210/945-6502
MIT – SAN Ms. Henry Ms. Zuniga S101 210/945-6507
SAR – Z Ms. McCleland Ms. Zuniga S101 210/945-6507

Counselor Locations

My Last Name Counselor Secretary Location Phone
A – COK Ms. Williams Ms. Garcia | Ms. Abbott O111 210/945-6552 | 210/945-6580
COL – FOX Ms. Salas Ms. Garcia | Ms. Abbott O109 210/945-6552 | 210/945-6580
FRA – KEE Ms. Dunkley Ms. Garcia | Ms. Abbott O107 210/945-6552 | 210/945-6580
KEL – NOE Ms. Maldonado Ms. Garcia | Ms. Abbott O110 210/945-6552 | 210/945-6580
NOG – SHO Ms. Dodd Ms. Garcia | Ms. Abbott O108 210/945-6552 | 210/945-6580
SIE – Z Ms. Soto Ms. Garcia | Ms. Abbott O106 210/945-6552 | 210/945-6580

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