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Administrators & Locations

My Last Name Assistant Principal Secretary Location Phone
A – CUR Mr. Pevoto Ms. Austin D102 210/945-6584
DAL – HAP Ms. Smoot Ms. Austin D102 210/945-6584
HER – MON Ms. Becka Ms. Solis B223 210/945-6502
MOO – SAL Ms. Henry Ms. Zuniga S101 210/945-6507
SAM – Z Mr. Ford Ms. Zuniga S101 210/945-6507

Counselor Locations

My Last Name Counselor Secretary Location Phone
A – COK Ms. Kern Ms. Garcia O111 210/945-6552
COL – FOX Ms. Salas Ms. Garcia O109 210/945-6552
FRA – KEL Ms. Dunkley Ms. Garcia O107 210/945-6552
KEM – OCH Ms. Trotter Ms. Garcia O110 210/945-6552
ODE – SEM Ms. Dodd Ms. Garcia O108 210/945-6552
SEP – Z Mr. Ciaravino Ms. Garcia O106 210/945-6552

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samuel clemens high school is a purple star campus