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  •      Mr. Reeves ELA Basic I-IV

    The information on my site is primmarily for my ELA Basic (Resource)classes. For information on the ELA  Support classes please visit the teachers-of-Record websites.  

     Mr. Reeves' 2017-2018 Class Schedule


               Period                       Subject                                              Location                                       Times


           1st                 ELA II ICS W/Linthicum                    G113B                             8:40-9:30  


           2nd                ELA IV ICS W/Magnusson                  G113B                            9:35-1030


           3rd                 ELA II ICS W/Barden                        G113B                           10:35-11:25


           4th                 ELA III/IV  Basic                G113B                           11:30-12:20


           5th                 ELA IV ICS W/Magnusson                  G113B                           12-25 -1:15


           6th                 Advisory/Lunch                   G113B               1:20-1:35/ 1:40-2:10


           7th                 ELA I/II  Basic  W/Hanson            G113B                           2:15-3:05


           8th                 Conference                            G113B                             3:10-4:00



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