Hello Schertz Elementary PreK Family!

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     Lesson April 6 - April 10: (please take a picture of daily work and send me a picture on remind101)

     (click here) message from Mrs. Dina 4/6 - 4/10

    Monday 4/6:

    Make a list of 3 X words with your child. Watch the X videos for ideas. Is there anything in your home that starts with X? 

    ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT: Build up your pencil grip! Practice picking up small objects (beans, grains of rice) and putting them in a container with a small opening.

     (click here) letter Xx words)

    Tuesday 4/7:

    Practice writing the letter X.  Be sure to start your letters at the top. Practice writing the letter X in your green Handwriting book. Also, Make sure to practice writing your name, last name if you can. 

    ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT: Use shaving cream or pudding and practice making the letter X

     (click here) Making Letter Xx


    Wednesday 4/8:

    Count aloud 1-50 (or more if you can!) with an adult. Can you draw the following word problem and solve?

    If you have 11 donuts and Mrs. Dina came along and took 5 donuts away, how many would be left?  Draw it out!! Think! Are we using the “PLUS” sign or “MEANY MINUS?

    ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT: Count aloud to 10. Touch different body parts as you count. Model how to count object one by one to 10.  Then, let your child try.


    Thursday 4/9:


    Draw a picture of a spider and a web. Hmm…. why does a spider build webs?  Be sure answer the question in your journal. 

    ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT: Cutting practice.  Practice cutting playdoe or straws. After you cut them, mold them into shapes!

    (click here) The Very Busy Spider


    Friday 4/10:


    Draw a picture of a firefly Hmmmm… why does a firefly flash his light?  Be sure to answer the question in your journal..  

    ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT: Tape a large sheet of paper on the wall. (eye level)  Have your child stand in front of the paper and help him / her draw a happy face. 

    (click here) The Very Lonely Firefly


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